Experienced Software Engineer

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Who We Are

Float is a fast-growing, award-winning tech startup based in the heart of Edinburgh’s entrepreneurial hub, CodeBase. We provide cash management and forecasting software for business intelligence for thousands of businesses worldwide.

As part of a small, collaborative team of 17 passionate people, you’ll make a real impact in helping us to make cash flow stress a thing of the past. Your voice will be heard, and you’ll get to work on areas that interest you. Building a company where people can grow and that you enjoy working for is part of how we define success.

We’re currently raising a funding round to accelerate our growth, which we hope to have by the end of the year.

The Way We Work

We're a small, close-knit team - passionate about building great software. We work in a collaborative environment, share ideas and create things together to impact on the success of the company. As a cross-functional delivery team, we work together, pair program and solve our problems together.

Most importantly, we believe in building a product that users love. We work closely with our product, marketing, and customer support teams to understand our customers’ needs and opportunities, and build solutions that get to the heart of their problems. Concepts are challenged and tested; we don’t just build ideas that come from the top down.

We pay attention to best practice and we give ourselves time to solve our problems rather than hack around them. We have a devops culture - we move fast and release about 1.5 times per developer per working day. We are also Agile. We believe in focused work, rather than long hours. We aim to arrive at work knowing what needs to be done and leave work feeling like we've achieved something.

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a highly experienced developer to work as part of our small, cross-functional team across our stack. You will have used Kanban, SCRUM or XP. You will be comfortable working with and mentoring others, as well as advocating technology choices. You will have worked as part of a team on a long lived codebase and will have experience of web applications. Knowledge of our stack would be advantageous but we're happy to consider people with other backgrounds who can demonstrate a history of learning new technologies.

This is a hands-on role, but you will probably currently be in a leadership role or will have deliberately avoided taking a leadership role due to a desire to spend your time writing code.

What We Work With

You will work across our stack on a variety of projects. The vast majority of the codebase is in great shape with good test coverage and low tech debt.

We believe in pragmatism over dogmatism and look for patterns and practices that work for us at the moment. For example, we’re big fans of functional programming but we’re not totally strict about it. We use it far more in the React/Redux world than when we’re writing Ruby. And our back end is a monolith because, at our scale, we believe the added complexity of a service oriented architecture outways the benefits. However, we’re aware this equation could change in the future. This approach requires discipline and experience to keep the code well structured and clean.

There are a few areas where we’re more rigid though. We’re very keen on small pull requests, frequent releases, unit testing and code reviews.

Learning and Development

Curiosity and continuous improvement are part of our core values as a company. We aim to develop as a team, as individuals and as a product. We support longer-term development and progression. We're constantly exploring new ways of doing things and learn from each other by working closely together.

How Float Makes a Difference

Over 16 million people are employed by SMEs in the UK alone, so helping these companies to grow faster and survive longer has a real impact. We’ve built Float to give small businesses the insight and visibility they need to succeed, because cash flow forecasting is essential for every big business decision, from hiring a new member of staff to taking out a loan. Getting these decisions right can mean the difference between success and going bust.

We're part of a rapidly growing market place as businesses increasingly switch to cloud accounting. The very nature of what it means to be an accountant is changing, meaning Float has a truly exciting opportunity to define cash flow for the future.


Different people bring with them different ways of thinking and we believe it’s both to our advantage and our responsibility to bring these different perspectives into our company. Diversity in the workplace is a great asset and we want our recruitment talent pool to be as open as possible, so we strongly encourage applications from any background.

Working Details

This is a full-time role, (37.5 hours a week), based in our office in CodeBase. The salary is competitive.

Other Benefits

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